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This is going to be a repository for random scrapers I've come to develop over the years. These scripts have been published in the intention of data preservation.


All scrapers in this repository with a brief description

  • artic - Grabs art along with metadata from
  • bensound - Grabs royalty music from
  • betterttv - Grabs emotes from
  • calibre-server - Grabs ebooks from a calibre-server
  • dafont - Grabs fonts uploaded to
  • iconmonstr - Grabs icons in all formats from
  • ijsrd - Grabs papers published to
  • ijssb - Grabs papers published to
  • impawards - Grabs all movie posters from
  • linfoxdomain - Grabs all flash games from
  • memoryoftheworld - Grabs all the books from
  • open3dlab - Grabs all assets and metadata from Open3DLab and Smutbase(NSFW)
  • oppetarkiv - Grabs programmes from
  • riksdagen - Grabs debates and documents from
  • shzm - Grabs the top 50 songs by city from
  • thecoverproject - Grabs all the game posters from
  • theoatmeal - Grabs comics from
  • unicode-emoji-chart - Grabs emoji and metadata from
  • vulnhub - Downloads items and all metadata on each item from
  • wad-archive - Grabs WADs with metadata from
  • wallhaven - Grabs all the images for a given search query from
  • wallpaperflare - Grabs all or some wallpapers with search from
  • waset - Grabs papers published to
  • xkcd - Grabs comics posted to
  • zenpencil - Grabs all comics from


Scrapers in other repositories