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Hi! This repository contains information on mastodon.robinsmediateam.dev_, a Mastodon_ instance for Robin's Media Team.

This repo is based on the information for chaos.social_, a Mastodon_ instance for and by the chaos community.

You can see our current block/silence policy in blocked_instances.md_, and our current `site information`_ in about.html_.

If anything about our instance bothers you, you can contact jblinksma_ or robin_ via Mastodon or E-mail. If you want Robin's Media Team to add a domain block or an individual block, please let us know via a report on

Last changed: 2022-09-06T17:08:09+0200

|ss|By the way: we're always open to discuss nice ways to customize, e.g. backgrounds, non-intrusive styling, or emojis … feel free to submit those to our `customisation_repo`_!|se|

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.. _customisation repo:
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.. _site information:

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